Practice Areas



SYNC has an experienced and highly regarded patent practice.  We file and prosecute patents across all technologies, with in depth experience in computer hardware and software, mechanical and medical devices, electronics, and bioscience and chemical technologies.

We stand out in our ability to efficiently communicate with our clients so as to guide them through the subtleties of patent prosecution in Asian jurisdictions.  Our patent attorneys keep abreast of all new and developing rules and regulations governing patents, and we are skilled at forming and executing patent strategies for clients ranging from small start-ups to large multinational corporations such as Biogen Idec, LAM Research, AMD, Xerox, Tetra Pak, and the State Grid of China.

Principal Services include
  • Patent filing and prosecution in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong
  • Applications for security clearance for inventions made in China
  • Administrative actions before the Patent Reexamination Board (PRB)
  • Invalidation actions in the PRB
  • Administrative appeals from PRB decisions in the Beijing Courts
  • Infringement litigation in Chinese courts
  • Foreign patent prosecution (preparing patent applications and preparing responses to office actions for filing in foreign jurisdictions)
  • PCT filing
  • Prior art searches (for litigation, licensing and freedom to operate)
  • Patent infringement and validity opinions
  • Freedom-to-Operate opinions
  • Patentability opinions
  • Service Invention disputes

Trademark & Unfair Competition

China’s trademark system can seem daunting due to many factors, including the language issue, the seriousness of trademark hijacking and the perception of a weak enforcement environment.  SYNC’S attorneys and legal assistants are especially attuned to the particular concerns of foreign clients, and we have significant expertise in all aspects of trademark and unfair competition law, including trademark litigation, unfair competition, counterfeiting, e-commerce conflicts and dilution matters, searching and clearance of trademarks, prosecution of trademark applications, trademark oppositions and cancellations, seizures of counterfeit goods, and Internet domain name dispute resolution.

Principal Services include
  • Filing and prosecuting of trademark applications
  • Trademark availability searches
  • Administrative actions, including oppositions and trademark invalidation actions
  • Registering and managing internet domain names
  • Domain name recovery actions
  • Trademark enforcement and litigation (both judicial and administrative)
  • Unfair competition litigation
  • Counseling in trademark, unfair competition, and domain name dispute cases
  • Customs protection efforts in close cooperation with the Chinese customs authorities, including the recordation of trademarks with customs
  • Advising on licensing issues and other corporate transactions, including due diligence for M&As and IP portfolio audits


Copyright protection offers indispensable incentives for the creation of new valuable works and for investment into production and distribution of cultural and information goods.  Copyright registration can also be important for HNTE (High & New Technology) tax status for an enterprise.

As a dual-licensed law firm, SYNC offers one-stop service for copyright issues, from registration to enforcement and licensing.  SYNC’s attorneys are recognized experts in the copyright field, and SYNC represents clients on a wide range of copyright issues for all types of copyrighted works, including music, literary works, computer programs/software, internet content, games, and character licensing.

Intellectual Property & Technology Transactions

The importance of identifying and solving intellectual property-related issues in complex corporate transactions has grown significantly as the most valuable corporate assets such as intellectual property and technology become gradually intangible.   We are in SYNC with today’s business concerns, counseling clients on intellectual property issues arising in all types of corporate and financial transactions, e.g., technology aspects of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, financing and other corporate transactions, as well as IP and technology acquisitions, divestitures, licenses, collaborations, outsourcing and settlements.

In many situations, licensing of intellectual property rights is an effective tool for starting a new business, expanding an existing business or improving the quality of the goods or services and thereby its market position.  In the international context, a formal licensing agreement between the licensor and the licensee is possible only if the intellectual property right you wish to license is also protected in the other country or countries of interest to you.  If your intellectual property is not protected in such other country or countries then you would not only be unable to license it, but also you would have no legal right to put any restriction on its use by anyone else.  Given our expertise in obtaining and enforcing IP rights around the world, we offer a one-stop solution to synchronize our client’s licensing solutions to their business needs, with a particular focus on helping our foreign clients structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing a wide variety of commercial licensing and related transactions involving technology and intellectual property in China.

Principal Services include
  • Counseling in corporate transactions involving IP, including clearance, due diligence, and evaluation of prior-owned IP rights
  • Evaluation of client’s IP rights
  • Patent agreement disputes
  • Assignment of patent rights
  • Joint exploitation agreements related to patent ownership
  • Patent and technology licensing
  • Trademark licensing
  • Copyright licensing
  • Patent portfolio development and collaborations
  • Employment agreements and Corporate Rules and Regulations


SYNC excels at delivering winning cost-effective legal strategies in high-stakes intellectual property disputes, including patent, copyright, trademark, unfair competition, licensing, and trade secret matters.

At SYNC, our entire team is in SYNC with your business needs.  We have the ability to address all aspects of complex IP disputes, bringing not only legal expertise, but also strategic vision, technical understanding, and superior communication skills to bear.  Most importantly, we understand the business side of the challenges and risks posed by potential and actual lawsuits, including costs, and we have the skills and experience to realize the best possible outcome for IP litigation matters, while also keeping costs within budget.

Principal Services include
  • Chinese court litigation throughout China
  • Administrative protection of trademarks and patents with relevant authorities
  • Patent Reexamination Board (PRB) invalidation actions and appeals to Beijing Courts
  • IP agreement disputes
  • Service invention disputes