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5Feb, 15

The Judicial Interpretation of the Civil Procedure Law recently released by the Supreme High People’s Court clarified the scope of cases in small claims procedures.  Wherein, for nine kinds of cases involving payment such as bank card dispute, contract dispute involving water, electricity and gas, the small claims procedure can be applied, and the system ... more

15Jan, 15

Recently, the National Patent Information Public Services Guide (revised in 2014) was officially released. SIPO compiled and released the National Patent Information Public Services Guide in 2012 for the first time, which introduced the policy for public services for domestic patent information, patent information sources, public service platform for patent information, etc. Now SIPO has ... more

9Jan, 15

Recently, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Judicial Appraisal Center was established in Shanghai Intellectual Property Park.  From now on, enterprises with intellectual property disputes can request professional judicial appraisal in Shanghai so as to predict the prospect of litigation, lower litigation risk and cost and thus resolve right disputes.  Besides, a special hot line is also assigned for this ... more

20Oct, 14

A delegation from SYNC led by our partners Mr. Paul Stevens, Ms. Felicia Fan and Mr. Steve Oh attended the 2014 AIPPI Conference in Toronto. In this meeting, SYNC co-hosted a booth with our Korean partner INVENTUS, where our representatives provided updates on Chinese law and discussed issues of key concern with professionals from around ... more