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Firm Profile

SYNC Technology Law Group is uniquely qualified to assist clients in protecting their most important intellectual property assets in the marketplace.  As one of the few Chinese law firms that possess a dual license to provide both legal services and patent agency services, we have the focus and breadth of talent to provide comprehensive solutions to various IP issues that our clients may face. SYNC’s professional team strives to understand a client’s business and technology so that we can tailor IP strategies to our client’s specific needs.  Our professional team includes outstanding lawyers and patent attorneys graduated from prestigious universities in China and abroad, many of whom have master’s degree or doctor’s degree.  Our talents allow us to integrate technical, business, and legal expertise so that we can help our clients realize the full potential of their ideas.

Asian IP Hub

SYNC provides a full range of IP related legal services, including patent and trademark prosecution, counseling, and litigation.  We provide one-stop services for filing and prosecuting patent and trademark applications throughout the Asian region, with a particular focus on China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea.  We also have a strong and highly respected global intellectual property practice, and have established relationships with well-qualified firms throughout the world.

Timely and Accurate Communication

The Intellectual Property Services team of SYNC further includes highly qualified secretaries and paralegals who form a skilled IP management team, working efficiently and smoothly.  SYNC works in multiple languages, including Mandarin, Shanghainese, Cantonese, English, German, and Korean.  Our language abilities and superior IP management allow us to effectively and efficiently communicate IP and legal issues to our clients, so as to allow for development and execution of our client’s IP strategies.